Download NULLS BRAWL 36.270 with Buzz and Griff

NEW NULLS BRAWL 36.270 with brawlers Buzz and Griff

Download NULLS BRAWL with Buzz and Griff - FREE GEM

Season Theme: Jurassic Wave

Confirming the rumors, next season will be themed “Summer” but will also mix dinosaurs, Season 7 will be the Jurassic Wave. With it we will have dinosaurs and beach, with many themed skins, a new brawler called Buzz and a lot of content.


  • New brawler GRIF
  • New brawler Bazz
  • New modes

New Brawler Buzz

This brawler will be of chromatic rarity and will be unlocked at level 30 of the Brawl Pass. He is a lifeguard dinosaur from the “Rex Resort” and as he has short arms, he’s not very good at his job, but he loves to rule and dictate the rules of what people should do… or rather, what they shouldn’t do !

New Brawler Griff

Griff is the third and newest member of the Gift Shop. He is the boss of Colette and Edgar, has epic rarity and is known to be very greedy.

Download NULLS BRAWL 36.270 with New Brawlers – Buzz and Griff

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